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Yala safari in sri lanka

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Friday, 29 March 2013

A trip to Sri Lanka through Go Holiday Tours

Travel to a worldly place brings some fresh experience as well as tranquillity can be achieved. The best place in Asia to travel that like spot is Sri Lanka. This country is surrounded by water on all its sides which makes the views of this country more beautiful. There one can find lots of beautiful spots which are really wonderful and if someone has ambition to make his or her Sri Lanka trip more adventurous then can go into the blues of Indian Ocean or other seas. But to experience a country more than ever hiring a travel guide is the best option. So that you can stay away from all yours probable hazards and not have to take any tension regarding to your tour. To tour well in Sri Lanka only the agency namely “GO Holiday Tours” can fulfil your dream with ease. They offer some attractive packages which comprises of full country trip to trip some special areas in Sri Lanka. 

All the packages offered by this agency are so exciting and you will have some excellent memory of this tour if you hire this agency. Among the famous spots Yala Safari in Sri Lanka has some excellent unbelievable creature or animals those you never heard about. This tour is available only at $ 425 for a single person and you can stay there up to 2 days to experience this spot from your heart. One thing is clear that if you book any of their packages then you are going to have some excellent fun and adventures in this island which you will never forget in your future.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Sri Lanka the best place to have a short trip there

If you have a vacation in coming days but unable to fix a place to travel then Sri Lanka is the best place to opt for tour. This is a place where you will surely achieve a peaceful mind to stay away from all the stresses of life. This country has lots of famous spots but the main thing is nature. This country is famous for natural views as it is surrounded by seas and oceans from all its side. Go Holiday tours is a famous travel agency in sri Lanka which offers attractive travel packages to tour there which starts from 1o days full tour to short trips to some places. On their site there are lots of packages but you should go with the best with reference to the time you have in your hand to tour in Sri Lanka.

There are lots of short trips like Yala Safari to Watching whales which all are adventurous. If you like to go with Yala safari in Sri Lanka, then you will be able to see some extraordinary experience with the animals as well as migratory birds. On the west side there is scrub jungle in Yala but you can experience Leopards, peacock, wild animals as well as some rare birds. This package is available only at $ 425 for each person and that includes accommodation, free fooding as well as 2 days stay at this spot. So start your planning with Go Holiday Tours to explore Sri Lanka In new fashion.