Thursday, 17 January 2013

Experience Sri Lanka with Go holiday Tours

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, has Indian Ocean all of its sides. The country is full of natural scenes which attracts the travellers to this country. To travel a country a travel agent is must to hire because you never know the sudden things which can occur during travelling and that’s why you need a travel guide. “Go Holiday Tours” is a Negombo based company which is the leading travel agency in Sri Lanka. Due to its service to customers this company is able to establish themselves as one of the best travel agencies in Sri Lanka.  

Due to the main office in Negombo, which is too close to the International airport they are able to provide speedy service to the customers. The best part of their service is they ask the travellers to ask them whatever questions come to their mind regarding to travelling. All the travel guides they offer are able to speak English, German and Italian language fluently. The transports they offer are cars and vans respect to your time of travelling. All the packages are affordable and exiting to know this country well. Also in Negobmo there are lots of famous places like Miracle Island, Old Catholic churches, Dutch areas etc. where they use to take the travellers to inform them about this place.

In Sri Lanka this tour operator offers various tour packages even some for short time tours as well as long term tour packages. The range of packages differs with respect to the travel duration. If you are in Sri Lanka then you don’t want to Miss Yala Safari; it is the place in Yala National Park where this travel agency offers a night and 2 days stay. Here you can experience deer, crocodile, elephant, sambar, wild boar, peacock and many migratory birds.  To experience Yala Safari in Sri Lanka you have to pay only $ 425 for first person and for more than one person there are some offers; in return you will experience a lot. 

This place is near Colombo. As this country is an Island in Indian Ocean so there are large number of dolphins and whales. A whale watching in Sri Lanka is not a big deal. You can easily see a whale on the coastal areas. On December to April the boat can go deep inside the oceans as then the ocean stays calm other wises there is no permission to go after a certain level. You can book your slot on their web site and then can select the travel package you want there. Taxi in Sri Lanka is not available that’s why the travelling cars are the best alternate way to travel in Sri Lanka.


  1. Sri Lanka is famous for it's aquamarine water of beach and also for the beautiful natural spots.Those natural scenes attracts lots of people towards Sri Lanka.I heard Go holiday in Sri Lanka travel services providing lots of services to people for making their journey memorable.There are also no of travel agencies are present to help people.